Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 8

February 19th (50.) Something I hate doing - ironing

February 20th (51.) My handwriting

February 21st (52.) Favourite pictures of me

February 22nd (53.) Where I work - Eastern Beach at Geelong. One school camp with the Grade 3s and 4s

53a. A seal at Point Lonsdale Pier

53b. Sunset at Queenscliff

February 23rd (54.) Self Portrait on the beach at Queenscliff

February 24th (55.) The White Lighthouse at Fort Queenscliff

February 25th (56.) Green

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 7

February 12th (43.) My (scrap) closet

February 13th (44.) Blue

February 14th (45.) Heart

February 15th (46.) Phone

February 16th (47.) Something new (skirt)

February 17th (48.) Time

February 18th (49.) Drink - a glass of sparkling wine for my birthday

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 6

February 5th (36.) 10 am

February 6th (37.) The weekly chickie shot. (was supposed to be a photo of dinner, but I'd just fed the chicks dinner, so it still fits)

February 7th (38.) The (snooze) Button

February 8th (39.) Sunshine though the trees

February 9th (40.) The Front Door

February 10th (41.) Self portrait.

February 11th (42.)  What makes me happy - scrapping with my friends, Dianne and Linda

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Week 5

January 29: Clematis

January 30: Silky Bantam Chicks

January 31: 31. Ducks. This family of wild ducks have been visiting in our garden regularly for the last month.

February 1: My View. First day back at work. The sun coming up over the house, catching the tops of the trees.

February 2: Words. The sign over the gate at school.

February 3: Hands. Little hands using a mouse on the first day of school.

February 4: Stranger. I can be a little bit of stranger in my scrapbook albums since I am normally the one behind the camera.

From the start of February, I have been following this challenge to help inspire my daily photo: