Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 12

March 19th (78.) New Boots

March 20th (79.) Bendigo

March 21st (80.) Photo of a student at the school cross country (I won't post the photo online)

March 22nd (81.) Corn at Middle Gully - our school reserve.

March 23rd (82.) Penguins at Melbourne Aquarium. I went on an excursion with the Preps and Grade 2s

March 24th (83.) Cockatoo in the pine trees

March 25th (84.) Smokey asleep on my bed.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 11

March 11th (71.) Blue Wren

March 12th (72.) Kookaburra

March 13th (73.) Clouds

March 14th (74.) Japanese wind flower

March 15th (75.) Apple harvest

March 16th (76.) Morning dew.

March 17th (77.) Southern Star Observation Wheel

Week 10

While I was still taking photos, I never got around to posting at the end of week 10. So here are my photos...

March 4th (64.) Bedside table. My iPad and iPhone sit here at night to be charged.

March 5th (65.) Smile. Mr. Potato Head in my office at school.

March 6th (66.) King Parrots visit our garden.

March 7th (67.) Something I wore - my Pandora bracelet.

March 8th (68.) Through my window. The bright, shinning moon.

March 9th (69.) Loud. My bright knitting.

March 10th (70.) Stick insect

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Week 9

February 26th (57.) Night. Glimpses of lightning on a stormy night

February 27th (58.) Something I ate - birthday chocolates

February 28th (59.) Money

February 29th (60.) Something I listened to - Triple M in my car on the way to school

March 1st (61.) Up - going up our driveway

March 2nd (62.) Fruit - pinecones on the tree outside my window

March 3rd (63.) My neighbourhood - leaf litter and branches and blown-over chairs after a major windstorm